Pierre Deutschmann, born in Berlin, passed almost every musical genre there is on his way as a producer & dj and ended up with the sound he´s producing today, - Electronica / Techno.

If we have a closer look at his work for the last 20 years it is quite hard to imagine that all this is done by only one person - Deutschmann is definitely something we can call a musical workaholic.

During his time as „just“ a producer he had the chance to work with well known artists such as Robbie Rivera, Louis Vega, Justice, Rockers HiFi & Dj Pierre, just to mention a few. 

In 2008 Deutschmann founded his first imprint „k:lender recordings“, 2009 the techno-edition „k:lender limited“ was following. After a short period of time the next „strictly Techno“ division was born: „XLR1507“ - his youngest Imprint which was established in 2011 and is now growing fast.

With upcoming Labelshowcases, inviting the finest Techno Dj´s of the globe to join him, he´s up for the next challenge - playing thriving extended sets at AREA1507.

In his studio, Pierre Deutschmann is always working on sounds that have the ability to catch every listener. His tool is a perfect working development in his set, playing smooth but rough, with a downgrade of surprise while mixing it with his huge repertoire of own productions.

Constantly on the lookout for great partners where to release his music, he found labels like H-Productions, Unrilis & Skeleton to support his work. Getting remixed by longtime player´s like Cari Lekebusch and Luigi Madonna, getting played by Berghain residents Marcel Dettmann & Ben Klock, and from time to time u can also find his work in Adam Beyer´s playlist on the Drumcode Radioshows - Pierre Deutschmann is on a promising way.

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